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My Own Fun - Icon Challenges

I have my own fun!

My Own Fun
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Welcome to My Own Fun. This is an icon challenge community based on the television shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the Series. All and any can join, if you're not interested in participating you can always just drop by to oogle the prettiness and take part in the voting! Like all decent communities, this one has rules. Please read them carefully before joining.

#1) The moderator, sweetteeth15 will put up 3 very basic, blank icons every Sunday night (late) and anyone interested in taking part in the challenge can customize these as they see fit. Text is not mandatory. Submit your icons and URL as a comment to the post where I post the blanks.

#2) Members are allowed to modify one or all of the bases, but can only make one submission for each.

#3) Animation is of course allowed, but please do not use frames with a different picture. You can however add a different picture to the original base. Additionally, the original base has to be the frame's main feature. (Nearly fading it out and then saying "It's on there!" doesn't count.)

#4) Please make sure the icon meets LJ's size standards, that is it can be no larger than 40KB/100x100 px, and it has to be in either JPG, GIF or PNG format. No BMPs, please.

#5) Swear words are allowed, as long as the do not become excessive and tasteless. Icons that promote pointlessly rude character or relationship bashing (regardless of the actual words used) will not be accepted.

#6) For anonymity-type reasons, please do not post your icons anywhere else until the voting is done.

#7) Mini-movies, that is icons with miniature animations (consisting several images to form a scene) on them are not allowed. They take the focus off the blank. We're working with -one- main picture here, people. Note: This does not include text animation. That stuff is fine.

#8) Weekly deadline is on Saturdays at 9:00 pm Eastern time. (this will vary depending on when the challenge gets posted)

#9) Three seperate polls will be put up Sunday and all members can vote. Please do not vote for your own icon(s) or vote for a friend's just because they made it. That's just wrong. No one wants to win on false pretenses.

#10) Results will be posted approximately 24 hours later, so be quick to cast your vote!

#11) 4 awards will be given per icon. Those whose icons win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places, and Watcher's Pet will each recieve an award banner to display proudly whereever they choose. Frequently we will also have Special Categories. If there is under 10 submissions, no 3rd place will be awarded.

#12) All entries will be anonymous.

#13) Regarding the Watcher's Pet award: The moderator will choose an icon she feels deserves the additional "honorable mention" award. This is done instead of rewarding the fourth most popular icon.

#14) No one except me needs posting access! So please don't write to me asking for it. Thanks.

(If you would like to join this list, please drop a note on this post.)

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~ Community originally created by irda, based on an idea concept inspired by treepretty.
~ Weekly award banners made by sweetteeth15.